Economic Impact – Finally, a break for inflation

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Please take a moment as Martin Gagnon, Executive Vice-President, Wealth Management, and Stéfane Marion, Chief Economist and Strategist at National Bank sit down to talk about the global economic situation and its impact on the Canadian market.

Here is a brief summary of the content:

  • Global economic contraction – not global recession.
  • Europe is experiencing contraction (mostly due to energy) which will be more than offset by growth in China.
  • US has experienced consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth (Textbook definition of recession).
  • Stéfane is less concerned about this because a primary cause is inventory accumulation due to expected supply issues. Moving forward, as inventories decrease to natural levels, GDP can increase without inflationary pressures.
  • Also, the old school definition of recession is no longer used by the National Bureau of Economic Research. It’s too simplistic.

Housing Market:

  • Inflation is decelerating and NB is predicting 3% rates and not 4%+
  • 67% of variable-rate mortgages have fixed payments. Reduces impact on cash flow.  (VRM are 1/3 of the mortgage market).
  • 35% of Canadian have a mortgage. Very low.


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