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Rob Hunter and the R Hunter Wealth Management Group (RHWMG) have been the chosen financial advisor of Canadian families, affluent individuals and growing businesses over 30 years, working with one generation to the next. While life provides each of us with a variety of challenges, Rob’s unique set of disciplines and prudent advice is informed by decades of experience and delivers clients the counsel necessary to grow and protect their wealth – always providing candid dialogue in the face of uncertainty and working with each individual to ensure their unique goals are achieved.

R Hunter Wealth Management’s reputation is not only built on performance and results, but for commitment to social issues – honoring the integral values which have also empowered clients to continue moving forward. Rob’s practice is set apart from the rest through continuous innovation and thought leadership, providing access to wealth generating ideas, income enhancement, unique investment strategies and risk-adjusted solutions for each client’s situation.

Rob’s investment approach combines fundamental and technical analysis to qualify potential investment opportunities, paired with tax advantaged advice and estate planning and preservation in mind for the future. Over the decades Rob has produced enhanced income opportunities, downside protection (hedging against risk), and has provided a market-driven exit discipline through an actively managed covered writing strategy utilizing options contracts and an alternative investment class.

“Money itself, is a meaningless commodity – merely a means to an end. What is most important, is what your money means to you and your goals for it.”

Rob and the team welcome the opportunity to speak with you so please do not hesitate to contact any member directly.

Rob is dually licensed in the securities and insurance industries.*

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