Why Us?

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We have history and unique abilities.

The R Hunter Wealth Management Group of National Bank Financial is a team of experienced, highly qualified investment professionals with combined 75 years of experience.  Our core competency is total wealth management.

We thrive on showing investors solutions and ideas that they may not have seen before.

Our abilities are somewhat unique, drawing on both technical and objective fundamental analysis in creating portfolios for both income and growth.  We seek to utilize a hedging program called ‘covered call writing’ to enhance income, reduce risk and provide a market driven exit strategy within portfolios.  (Less than 10% of advisors in Canada are licensed to provide this service and less than 5% practice.)  As wealth managers, we seek to manage tax, providing efficient investment solutions for reducing taxation not only while you are alive, but within an eventual estate.
As a fully licensed investment advisor with over twenty nine years of experience, Rob and his team show income investors how to realize a high monthly cash-flow from their investments that is much more tax-friendly than bonds or deposits at a bank.

We are a service business.  You will like us if you want to stay informed.

We have you covered.

Equity investors seeking an investment platform without being commoditized, by throwing capital into expensive third party investment pools like mutual funds or wrap accounts (that often under-perform the broad market and provide little in terms of a real exit strategy) will appreciate discovering an alternative to the crowd.
For investors on the go, National Bank Financial offers alternative discretionary platforms.

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