Social Commitment

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Our focus is annual projects that benefit children and community in the two-thirds world.


In 2013 the practice was presented with National Bank Financial’s Award of Excellence for Social Commitment.

Here are some of our recent projects:

2021 Building of a water well to support a community in Guatemala

2020 Building of a water well at a community in Guatemala

2019 Building of a water well at a Children’s Home in Myanmar (Burma)

2018 Purchase of a Protected Spring – Masulita, Uganda

2017  Purchase of coffee plants as sustainable income project and installation of fresh water catchment for a school in Uganda

Social Commitment Rob Hunter


2015/16 Completion of new children’s housing at a home in Myanmar (Burma)

2014 Installation of a water well at a children’s home in Myanmar (Burma)

Water project

2013 Installation of solar power system for electricity and hot water at a girl’s home in the Himalayas near Kathmandu Nepal.Thanking by girls


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