What Our Clients Say

In a recent survey, we asked our clients to anonymously tell us what qualities of Rob Hunter and the service he provides are the most important to them. Here is what they said:

Every client that responded to our survey indicated that they would recommend your team based on the exceptional service and advice that you provide. We are extremely proud of your results.

Dear Rob, Many times over the past few years I’ve thought or said “thanks heavens for Rob Hunter and his advice to us about Power of Attorney!” I’m grateful for your advice that led us to set it up in the first place, and for your integrity and actions since then, in recognizing my father’s declining capacity and the need to deal with POA’s. Seeing your professional ethics is helping me to deal with other professionals who are less informed about dealing with POA’s. The situation continues to be challenging, but I want to thanks you again for all the help you’ve given us and my father, Rob, regarding POA. (And related issues!)

Now that I am a new senior, I appreciate even more the decision to trust Rob Hunter with the management of my financial affairs. After I assumed the care of an ailing loved one some years ago, the steady income stream his management has provided over the years was vital (because I was much less flexible with respect to work). Yet now, my retirement income is quite sufficient despite the challenges I faced. I believe every person over 50 should take a critical look at their future income potential. Yes, by all means, read the self-help books, but then get expert advice and management like Rob's.

Hi Rob: For some time now I've wanted to drop you a note to say what a tremendous job you've done over these past six years looking after my portfolio. When you took it over, it was at a very low point in my life, having lost my husband in 2007, and a great deal of money in the meltdown of 2008. You have provided outstanding financial advice, which has assured me a comfortable, worry-free life. It is very much appreciated.

Rob Hunter was my father’s financial advisor before I became one of his clients. He had served my father faithfully and well for many years, and my husband and I were delighted to carry on working with Rob, knowing his affability and keen awareness of financial matters. Rob has helped us achieve a balanced portfolio and regularly updates us with detailed explanations of his moves as well as offering sound advice as to how we can achieve our financial goals together. He takes a genuine interest in our mutual benefit, and operates with open friendliness and keen awareness of how best to make financial decisions that make wealth work, which we deeply appreciate. Rob offers his expertise in layman’s terms for us to understand, and always treats us as partners. He never assumes that he alone knows best; he is willing to learn from us and adapt his approach to suit our specific requirements. Most of all, Rob offers collaborative, informed help in areas in which we are neophytes and he is an expert, yet he never makes us feel inadequate or shut out of the proceedings. We would say that others should work with Rob Hunter because he will treat you as a partner with a voice, not just operate as someone who will covertly make decisions without your consent merely to maximize growth. Rob acts with a conscience that we value deeply, as testified by his support of clean water projects in Burma and other community service arenas. What we both enjoy in our financial dealings with Rob is how we are made to feel empowered and informed of what he is doing and how he is serving us. He makes it a point to meet face-to-face with us and offer detailed updates; he remains a friend as well as a cooperative guide who walks alongside us through the mysterious world of finances. We are most grateful for the honourable service Rob Hunter provides us. Thank you, Rob!

Shortly after we arrived in Victoria nearly 30 years ago, David’s financial advisor, left for a position “up Island” as we call Vancouver Island north of Victoria. This broker asked to continue managing David’s portfolio, but David wanted someone whom he could meet face to face. Enter Rob Hunter, who worked for the same brokerage at the time. David stayed with Rob as he changed to a new firm, National Bank Financial. After Marianne’s financial advisor retired, she switched her portfolio to Rob as well, trusting David’s judgment that Rob “was a good guy” who gave clear reasons for his investment recommendations. It’s now decades since we have gotten to know and work with Rob. He shepherded us through the ups-and-downs of the stock market, reassured us that we could wait out a down turn. Our relationship grew stronger over the years, based on our meetings and discussions over the phone. Because we have a significant part of our assets invested through our accounts with Rob, we sometimes joke that Rob “owns” us. That said, we do believe he has our and our family’s best interests at heart. We have always appreciated his rationale for investing. When he explained why we should buy, sell or hold specific shares, his reasoning made sense even when, for example, the 2008 meltdown put others in a panic. When a stock’s price has risen rapidly, he’ll counsel to sell in a portion to lock in gains and reduce risk. Few brokers have mastered the intricacies of buying and selling options. Rob took the courses and obtained the necessary licence. On his recommendations, we have sold many options, which has usually resulted in what we consider “found money.” We have come to trust Rob. His research from many sources, including Bloomberg, give him an edge over less well-informed financial advisors. That doesn’t mean every stock he has recommended has risen, but that on balance, we’ve come out ahead. Many services that Rob’s office crew provide make our lives easier. Do we need to review if we’ve gathered all those multiple, pesky tax forms? A call to the office solves the issue. A money transfer? Check. An automatic payment for an insurance policy? Check. And then there are those promotional items Rob dispenses. Marianne writes her notes for all the magazine articles she publishes with Rob’s pens. We both wipe our sunglasses with grease-removing cloths, stamped National Bank Financial. Most nights, when Marianne prepares dinner, she wears an apron with the printed message, “Let’s get cooking; investment advice you can digest.” Then, just in case we forgot his name, in big fat red letters, ROB HUNTER is splashed across the apron’s belly. Fitting, right?

June 2019 - How did you become a client? We were invited to Rob’s seminar “How to maximize your RRSP.” This was long before he was with National Bank Financial and also before he was with TD Evergreen. If we remember correctly, he was with RBC. We approached Rob after the talk and asked him for an ad in a community directory with which we were involved. Although he turned down the request for an ad, he agreed to become a sponsor for the Early Music Society of the Islands and thus became their first corporate sponsor. We were impressed by what we heard at the seminar and decided to move our portfolio into Rob’s care. Over the years he has looked after our financial well-being and has always kept in touch frequently and has kept us well-informed on market conditions. Rob has always been pleasant to talk to and ready to answer our questions and he exhibits a keen sense of the workings of the markets. As conservative investors we appreciate Rob’s strategy of using covered writing as an investment tool. We would certainly recommend him and, in fact, have sent prospective investors to him.

Before you embark on your much deserved vacation, I want to express my wholehearted appreciation for your outstanding stewardship of my account. Truly, I am very thankful to have such a highly trusted, insightful and skillful advisor making astute investment decisions on my behalf.

Thank you for administering my account in such a highly noteworthy manner. It’s greatly appreciated! Thanks for your outstanding work.

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