Jiune - 2

We love it when prospective clients say, “how come I haven’t heard about this before?

It might be because of product limitations where they deal or it might be that their advisor is not fully licensed in all aspects of the marketplace. Rob carries a license in both the securities market and the insurance market. There are not many products he can’t bring to the table.

As a result, we are not so interested in presenting products, but rather listening to your story and bringing forward product solutions.

In today’s world there are many alternate investment assets that many investors are not aware of, such as tax-advantaged products, or even synthetically structured products that provide all kinds of features.

We seek to methodically bring these to client’s attention depending on a client’s individual needs.

*NOTE: Insurance services are provided by National Bank Financial Services (NBFFS). NBFFS is not a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the products sold or provided by NBFFS are not guaranteed by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.