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David & Dorothy

rob hunter March 1st, 2016 1

June 2019 – How did you become a client? We were invited to Rob’s seminar “How to maximize your RRSP.” This was long before he was with National Bank Financial and also before he was with TD Evergreen. If we remember correctly, he was with RBC. We approached Rob after the talk and asked him for an ad in a community directory with which we were involved. Although he turned down the request for an ad, he agreed to become a sponsor for the Early Music Society of the Islands and thus became their first corporate sponsor.

We were impressed by what we heard at the seminar and decided to move our portfolio into Rob’s care. Over the years he has looked after our financial well-being and has always kept in touch frequently and has kept us well-informed on market conditions. Rob has always been pleasant to talk to and ready to answer our questions and he exhibits a keen sense of the workings of the markets. As conservative investors we appreciate Rob’s strategy of using covered writing as an investment tool. We would certainly recommend him and, in fact, have sent prospective investors to him.

David and Dorothy (June 2019)

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